Dynamic Titles Get 2% Higher CTR In Google Adwords

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A really simple technique that boosted my Click Through Rate by 2%

Weird Real Time Google Search Result

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A feed aggregator duplicates my content, and the duplicated page gets indexed with an earlier date than mine, even though I'm the original creator of the article.

How To Display A Drupal Block Only For Specific Nodes

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Learn how to control the visibility of a drupal block using PHP to access node details.

Trying to reduce my bounce rate.

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I go over a simple change I've made to michaelphipps.com to reduce the bounce rate.

Sitemaps and Site Verification in Drupal

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Sitemaps help keep search engines informed about the contents of your website. The sitemaps we are talking about shouldn't be confused with the sitemap pages many websites use, that are like an index to content. A sitemap file is an xml file which search engines regularly review.

It is important to note that a sitemap does NOT guarantee getting a page listed in search engines.

Website Change

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If you visit my site regularly, You may have noticed that it has changed.

I've needed to move my domain away from Tumblr, and so I needed to duplicate the content I had over at tumblr, along with URLs nice and quickly (something I've achieved with a simple Drupal module if anyone is interested)

I've been contemplating the move for a while but a recent server change forced my hand requiring me to just make something happen.

In the near future, I want to achieve the following:

  • Get feeds from Twitter, Delicious, and Last.FM

Meet Kevin Smith

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A dumb idea I've got for a comedy movie called "Meet Kevin Smith".

Importing Tumblr Posts to Drupal

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I've built a module to import tumblr posts to drupal.

Add Social Bookmarks to Your Wordpress Theme

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A few good resources for adding social bookmarking to your wordpress theme.

Three Great Websites for Organising Your Personal Library

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Over the weekend I built an application that lets my wife easily manage here personal library of books.  Armed with a barcode scanner, she can quickly zap her collection and automatically add full book details into her personal website.  It’s still a work in progress, so isn’t really available for public consumption.

Of course, this is already available in existing websites, as I later found out from @sleepydumpling who suggested LibraryThing, Shelfari, and GoodReads.


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